Apple iPad Air review


Apple’s best tablet ever, it’s small, light, incredibly powerful and has an amazing screen

Apple iPad Air

Announced in October this year, the iPad Air updated Apple’s larger tablet range with the new A7 64-bit processor, iOS7, and a redesign of the popular tablet. Would Apple’s new tablet retain their lead in the tablet space against a rush of Android tablets from manufacturers around the world? In a word, yes.

The iPad Air is a worthy name for Cupertino’s new tablet, thanks to the thinner design and comparable battery life to it’s desktop compatriot, the MacBook Air. The iPad Air arguably serves the same purpose, as a lightweight general purpose computing device which is both portable and powerful.

Yes there are countless Android tablets available, with the associated focus on high specifications and the voluminous Google Play store, but the iPad Air is more than an iteration on Apple’s successful product line. It feels like the synthesis of everything that has come before, allowing Apple to create a tablet that can fit into your life without you having to compromise any of your expectations. And when you want to stretch your wings, the iPad Air is ready to take flight.

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