Review: AOC Breeze 9.7 Tablet

AOC Breeze 9.7 Inch Tablet

This budget tablet has a 9.7-inch screen and weighs 670 grams. It has a dual color tone with the rear panel white and the rest black. The edges are made of rubberized hard plastic. The tablet is slim though at 8.0 mm, and with the back panel curving around the edges is still easy to hold.

The display has 1024×768 pixels which is disappointing considering that most tabs these days come with a 1280×800 resolution. Also, you get the basic connectivity options like Wi-Fi, mini-HDMI and microUSB but sadly no Bluetooth or GPS has been offered, which you should expect given the price.

The tablet was quick to boot but there were slight delays when opening an application. The tablet comes with microUSB cable that is meant to support USB drives. The 7,000 mAh battery on the AOC Breeze lasted for about 2.5 hours when watching movies while on normal usage it lasted around 4 hours.

The AOC Breeze gave us a score of 11405 on AnTuTu, 1445 on Vellamo HTML5 and 4233 on Quadrant benchmarks. If you compare this with EAFT’s Destiny D90T tablet, that scored 11852, 1478 and 3966 respectively.

To buy the 9.7″ AOC Breeze click here

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