Apple iPad 4th Generation 64GB WiFi and 3G

Apple iPad 4 with retina display


  • Incredibly fast
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Unbeatable app selection


  • New Lightning connector means some old accessories won’t work
  • Expensive

Product Review

What’s Good

The fourth-gen iPad outmatched all other Apple products in various benchmarks and when playing heavy games such as Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The performance figures outmatched the Nexus 10 too, both in terms of everyday performance and download and browsing speeds over WiFi. The 2,048×1,536-pixel Retina Display is sharp, clear, and bright. At 263 pixels per inch, it beats every other tablet on the market right now except Google’s Nexus 10, which offers a 300ppi, 2,560×1,600 10-inch screen. But both Web browsing and gaming look better on the iPad’s screen because of superior software choices. In the browser, Apple picked better-looking, better-kerned fonts, and cross-platform games showed generally superior graphics and coding on the iPad. In the recent since the third-generation iPad was released, most of the popular apps have been upgraded to Retina versions. The OS smooths and improves standard elements within many non-Retina-enhanced apps, too, including text and embedded maps. There are hundreds of such apps available for download from the Apple App store.Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display - 64GB (WiFi & Cellular)

What’s Bad

The fourth gen iPad uses Apple’s new, compact Lightning connector, which isn’t compatible with earlier accessories, and although a few Lightning compatible accessories have been launched, very few of them have made their way to India.

Bottom Line

The fourth generation Apple iPad’s performance stands head and shoulders above the competition, and it provides premium screen and processor specs to match its premium price. The iPad’s library of tablet-focused apps matters a lot more, and look better, at 9.7 inches rather than 7.9. And while a 4:3 aspect ratio tablet looks a bit too squarish in the smaller size, it’s an ideal form factor for a larger device. If you can afford it, buy it.Apple iPad 4

Product Description

Apple iPad 4th Generation 64GB WiFi and 3G is a sleek and stylish device. It has a sleek aluminum body and weighs just 662 Grams. The 4th Generation iPad has integrated Dual-core A6X with quad-core graphics that helps you access applications as well as browse the net much faster.

Apple iPad 4th Generation 64GB WiFi and 3G has dual cameras for video calling. It has  a 5MP Rear camera with HD Video recording and a 1.2 MP Front camera for self portrait and Video calling.

Apple iPad 4th Generation 64GB WiFi and 3G supports a massive 64GB internal memory that gives you ample space for all your music, videos, applications, games, etc. You can stay connected to 10 hours with WiFi or 9 hours on 3G with the powerful 42.5-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

MRP: Rs. 51,900/-

BUY it at for only Rs. 51,190/- with FREE SHIPPING

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