The new AIO Desktop PCs are the next generation of desktop computing devices


The new AIO Desktop PCs are the next generation of desktop computing devices.
From a consumer usage point of view, all-in-one desktops offer consumer a win-win,
with a larger HD screen, integrated speakers, webcam, wireless LAN, DVD drive
and a single wire plug & play experience. Given this, the new all-in-one PCs
make sense for all consumers.

From a commercial stand point, the all-in-one PC make enough sense in sectors where
lower PC footprint (will save space) and lower power consumption (approx 50%
lower than most other traditional desktops) would help organizations in better
space management and lowering of the electricity consumption bills. Some of the
sectors that would clearly benefit from all-in-one deployment are ITES,
education and call center operation.


Five features to look for in an AIO PC

PC experience: Ensure that the PC gives you the complete all-in-one PC experience – including wireless LAN, wireless keyboard/mouse, and integrated webcam.

Video & Audio quality: The quality of the video and audio output would determine your experience as you use your all-in-one. So it is important to look for a good quality HD or HD ready LED video output with good sound output. For instance, the HP Touchsmart
520 and Omni 220 that come with integrated beats audio for the perfect audio

Upgradeability: This is important in case you wish to upgrade later in life

Serviceability: In case a service need arises, how reliable is the service network of the brand that you are buying is also to be kept in mind.


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